Thursday, May 04, 2006

Official Submission Guidelines


It's a very simple concept. Five short films will be made using the exact same dialogue and actors. The "writers" are to fill in the blanks between the dialogue provided to tell a complete and unique story.


This is a low budget, grass-roots level project. The selected screenplays will be produced by Rebel Pilgrim Films. The winning five writers will receive writing credit, a share of future earnings and fifty dollars. They will receive festival exposure for the piece as well, and will have their work produced at no cost to them.


The following guidelines are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

1. DIALOGUE. The film MUST contain the following dialogue. IN THIS ORDER WITH NO ADDITIONS, SUBTRACTIONS OR CHANGES AT ALL. Punctuation is purposely left vague and may be added by the writer. IMPORTANT: To date many people have used the dialogue to begin the scene with more dialogue to follow. This is not acceptable-the following is the totality of dialogue:

"You nervous"
"A little"
"It's my first time"
"Really, you've never-"

2. CHARACTERS. The film must consist of TWO and ONLY TWO characters: One MALE (25-35 yrs old) and one FEMALE (25-35 yrs old). Since all five films will use the same two actors, the writer MAY specify character attributes that are easily changed such as hair color, but must be careful to leave characters RACIALLY and PHYSICALLY open to interpretation. Any line of dialogue may be said by either characer so long as the order is exactly as it appears above. Remember, no other characters including "extras".

3. STORY. The five most compelling stories will be selected. Have a beginning, middle and end. The dialogue should exist in one moment in time and in one setting or a logical progression of settings. (ie. The characters can start in a car, get out and walk into a shopping mall. But they can't start in a car and cut to an hour later in a shopping mall.)

4. BUDGET. If a story is unreasonably expensive to produce it may be rejected on such grounds.

5. LENGTH. Approximately one minute or 1-2 standard pages.

6. SUBMISSION. Email with the following information:

-Your Name, phone and e-mail.
-Your Film PASTED in the email. (It should not be too long to paste.) NO ATTACHMENTS.

7. DEADLINE. Submissions are due by JULY 15, 2006. Winners will be notified no later than AUGUST 15, 2006. The films will go into production this year. There is a maximum of three (3) entries per person.

Thanks and we look forward to reading your work.