Monday, August 14, 2006


Over 400 submissions from around the world! Thanks to everyone. There were literally hundreds of good scripts. We are pleased to announce the following finalists, alternates and honorable mentions:

FINALISTS (in alphabetical order)

Finalists will have their films produced later this year in Los Angeles:

1. Marqus Bobesich (CAR JACK)
2. Julio Angel Ortiz (SOUTH TACOMA WAY)
3. Sam Oussama (Untitled)
4. Nathan Pitzel (HELLO, GOODBYE)
5. Michael Schwartz (Untitled)

ALTERNATES (in alphabetical order)

Alternates scripts may be used if finalists do not agree to the production deal.

1. William York Booth (THE CROSSING)
2. Cedar Burnett (CULTURE CLASH)
3. Robert Heske (MILE HIGH CLUB)
4. Steve Knight (HER FIRST, HIS SECOND)
5. Richard Dane Scott (POP ROCKS)

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in alphabetical order)

The following were in contention unitl the very end...

1. Nancy Finston (GOODBYE)
2. Charles Horn (Untitled #1)
3. Paul Nash (Untitled)
5. Rosario Pellerito (Untitled)
6. Chuck Schierbeck II (PETA)
7. Simon Stafford (Untitled)
8. D.M. Wilbye (GET IT RIGHT)

Once again, thanks to everyone involved. If you were selected as a FINALIST or ALTERNATE you should have been previously notified via e-mail.

SIDE NOTE: If you are reading this and interested in learning more about co-producing this project by helping to secure additional funds, providing administrative support or marketing the final product, please e-mail Note that these positions will receive credit and a possible share of ownership as compensation. Thanks.